Key to your heart

I remember the old times
When we always argued about almost everything
When I turned my face and ran into my room
When I was too arrogant to admit that I was wrong

I remember the old times
When I saw you as my enemy
Closed my mouth and refused to talk to you
Had a fight between pride and shame
Waiting for you to talked to me first

I remember the old times
When you punished me and hit me
And heal me at night
Maybe you cried
Maybe you feel sorry
But I surely know…
…you love me

I remember the old times
When you promised us…
To take us to the restaurant
If we get achievement at school
You accompanied us when we studied
And you keep your promise

I keep making mistake day by day
And I am always forgiven
And always be loved

As I have key to going home everyday I want to…
I always have key to your heart…
Ups No… I always in your heart…
As you always in my heart
Happy mothers day, Mama
And happy 62th birthday…