The Best Teacher In the World

My mama is a very disciplined person
She taught me how to act right
To be honest, polite and quick
Yes…My mama is the best teacher ever

I’ve attended so many seminar about being a parents
And i always find that mama did right…
Even when she punished me, or beat me when i was a child
She did a right things…
She did what she must do as a mother

I tell you now…
what i do now…what person i  become
Is a masterpiece of a mother like my mama

She knows when to beat…and when to heal
She knows the meaning of praying hard
She knows how to become strong and gentle in a same time
She knows how to be a perfect mother

She said that she pray hard to have me…
And i know it is true
And now i always cry if i remember…
how bad i treat her in my childhood

And now….I know that in my home
I have some one
Who is waiting for me
Always ready to hear my stories
Laugh when i laugh
happy when i happy
and cry when i cry

If there’s a school of mother in this world
I am sure that my mama is the best teacher..ever….:)



Dedicated for all mother…espescially for my mother….You are my hero…

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