About Patience and Tolerance

Sometimes i wish
That all people around me
could behave just like me
they think the way i think
they talk with my accent
they choose my choice

or at least
All people think the same way
talk with the same accent
have the same values

And i imagine
The world must be so peaceful
everyone could understand each other
No war
No fighting

But then i think
God must be smarter than me
He never makes something without a purpose
He must be made differences for a purpose

We never know white
If we don’t know black

We never know summer
If we don’t know winter

We never know patience
If no one makes us upset

We never know tolerance
If there’s no differences

We never know love with no condition
If we don’t know hatred

So, now
if i see people around me do irrrational things
I just smile and say
May be for them i am irrational

God must be made them for a purpose
So who am i
Questioning God’s will in somebody’s life

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